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Large Format Printing

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Are you looking to make a larger-than-life impression on potential customers for a promotional event or tradeshow? Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your leading local sign company that can help you do just that!

custom indoor wall mural

Wide format printing, grand format printing, or large format printing is generally defined as any graphics between 18 and 100 inches. Most home and office printing is typically completed on materials that rarely exceed 8.5 x 14″. That’s a huge difference! Whether you’re looking for an impressive poster for an art show, a banner to engage your target audience, or eye-catching promotional displays for a grand opening, our knowledgeable staff can discuss your goals and recommend the right products for any need.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your local leading sign supplier and specializes in creating attractive large format and wide format signs to fit your business location, needs, and budget!

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Wide Format Banners

Large Format Hanging BannerWide format banners can be printed on a variety of different materials; however vinyl is a common choice for its durability, making it an ideal for indoors or outdoors. These banners are versatile enough that the can be used in a variety of different situations, including multiple-day festivals, expos, tradeshow events, conventions, and much more! With UV-resistant inks and extra large grommets for support, your wide format banners will stay beautiful in any weather condition.

If you plan to have your banner outside for an extended period of time or are interested in oversized banners, Blue Ocean Custom Signs has you covered. We can custom create your wide format banner using UV-resistant materials, to ensure your banner stays vibrant even after heavy exposure to the sun. Depending on the size of your banner, we also provide extra large grommets to keep your banner secured as well as double-folded edges for those banners in windy areas.

Whatever your intended use or goals are for your wide format banner, Blue Ocean Custom Signs can’t wait to create it!

Large Format Graphics

promotional vinyl window graphics

Wide format banners aren’t the only large format printing that we do! We also custom craft large format window displays, wall coverings, floor graphics, vinyl decals, and more!

These striking, full-colored options allow you to tell the history of your brand, motivate employees, promote products and services, and so much more. Our knowledgeable consultants will discuss your goals and needs and provide recommendations tailored to your specific needs, timeframe, and budget. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a dull space or engage potential customers and clients, Blue Ocean Custom Signs has the skills, tools, resources, and knowledge to help you achieve any goal.

Wide format printing isn’t all that we do! We also custom create indoor signs, outdoor signs, and other custom vinyl signs for any promotional event or business signage need.

Full-Service Sign Company

vinyl mural installationHaving worked on the signs of numerous clients, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is confident of the knowledge and expertise that we bring to the table. With our team of graphic artists and signage experts, we can offer you highly effective designs that are sure to impress everyone.

Is it your first time ordering a sign? Don’t worry, we can walk with you through the entire process. From designing, printing, production, assembly, placement, and installation, you can count on Blue Ocean Custom Signs to be there for you.

Free Large Format Signs Consultation

With our wide selection and reliable customer support, we are your best choice for your wide format signs and graphics. When you want to take your special event to the next level, give us a call.

Call Blue Ocean Custom Signs today at 850-238-8612 for your Free Consultation with a Wide Format Signs Expert!